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Guide: How can therapy help?

Therapy can provide an immense amount of support for those struggling with their mental health. As Psychologists we have witnessed how our clients get help and be able to grow and heal. For those considering therapy for themselves or for someone close to them, here are some of the ways it can help.
For starters, therapy can provide a safe place to express your feelings. Oftentimes, people struggle to talk about their emotions with the people they’re closest to, rarely letting themselves open up to truly process and explore the depths of feelings they have. In therapy, you have a designated time and space to open up and really identify and articulate your thoughts and feelings. By doing so, you can better understand how your emotional state is impacting your behaviors and what changes you can make to better cope with them. This can give a feeling of clarity and increased emotional control that can help make big life decisions and adjustments easier.
Another benefit of therapy is the level of support and guidance it can offer. Having a compassionate ear that can both recognize and respect your struggles is invaluable. Being able to talk through any difficult situations with someone in a non-judgmental environment can make a huge difference in building self-confidence. Your therapist is there to be an advocate for you, while also providing honest and objective feedback and insight.
Therapy isn’t just catered to those with mental illnesses. It can be used to work on life skills such as communication, decision making, coping strategies, and interpersonal relationships. For example, your therapist can help you better recognize and challenge unhelpful thinking patterns that could be influencing your decision making and behavior. Or, if you’re finding yourself struggling with communication, your therapist can work with you on ways to better manage arguments, navigate difficult conversations, and express yourself in a healthier way.
Overall, therapy can be incredibly helpful for people of all walks of life. It can be a safe, judgement-free zone for people to work through difficult, complex, and yet invaluable emotional and mental tasks. So if you’re considering therapy for yourself or for a loved one, know that having access to the powerful tool of therapy could lead to remarkable changes.
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Testimonial, former client

"In therapy I learned how to cope with symptoms of anxiety and depression. This improved my life quality very much"
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John Doe

Get a free 10 min. consultation with a Psychologist

For many people it can be a big step to contact a Psychologist – even if we wish it wasn’t so. It can be a confusing process to get help, and the most common questions people have are:

  • Do I need therapy?
  • Can therapy help me?
  • How do I get in touch with a therapist?
  • Is there a long waiting time?

Therefore we offer a 10 min. session per phone, where we can answer your questions. Or you can book a full session online – “Therapy in English”, and we can take from there. This session costs 1200,-.