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Best advice - Mental health

Beneath, we have listed our best advice for mental health and feeling better. 

Guide to feeling better

  1. Taking as many deep breaths as you can during the day
  2. Get enough sleep every night
  3. Eat healthy food
  4. Excersise – a walk, run or whatever works
  5. Read books
  6. Delete social media on your devices
  7. Practice only listening to your positive thoughts about yourself
  8. Be your own best friend – support you!
  9. Look for calm areas and let yourself take a break
  10. Cut down on caffeine, alkohol and absolutely do not take drugs
  11. Do something fun without any purpuse
  12. Do not isolate – connect
  13. If you worry a lot, then set aside an hour every day to worry – the rest of the 23 hours – distract yourself
  14. Talk to a Psychologist – you can book a session with us today online

Denmark – the happiest country in the world

– but every 3rd person struggles with mental health issues today according to scientific studies



Hvis du vil bestille en tid til terapi eller har spørgsmål, så er du meget velkommen til at sende en besked her.  Vi vender altid tilbage til dig, oftest samme dag.

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